2010. december 17., péntek

Internet readers

the habits of reading are researched from the early twentieth century in Hungary. Theese studies are to know the time what people have to read, the motivation of reading and the types of readings and readers. The first examination of the internet readers was made by the Hungarian Institute of Culture and Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Sociology. They studied the composition of internet readers, theirs habits of use. According to this, they tried to say what is internet reading. They find that internet reading is: reading news, search information and publications for work and studies, search information about hobbies, retrieving information about culture, arts, travelling, film, sports, cars, stars or about health. They said it is not internet reading: e-commerce, chat, e-mails, internet games, file downloads or other interactive activities. The conclusion is that the internet reader is a reader too. And do not be afraid. They will not change traditional sources to e-sources. They are readers in the traditional meaning of reader. They are likely to read books and newspapers as the internet. source: Olvasási szokások. Budapest : MMI - MTA Szociológiai intézet, 2005

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